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The best word to describe Peggy – Amazing!  My wife and I used Peggy to sell our home and we couldn’t have been happier.  We were in dire straights because we had made an offer on our dream home, which was initially accepted as a contingent offer, and then the sellers decided to reject the entire offer during negotiations because they were “afraid” we couldn’t sell our current home in a reasonable time.  At that time we had interviewed Peggy as a potential listing agent but had not pulled the trigger because we were possibly going to try and sell the home ourselves.  But when our offer was rejected because the sellers didn’t think we could sell our home fast enough, we hire Peggy!  She immediately came over and reminded us of our duties and steps required to sell quickly.  She hired a professional photographer and told us how to stage the home.  We reacted quickly and completed all the requirements Peggy laid out for us.  She brought over the flyers, which looked great, and scheduled a “brokers open” for Monday.  We had decent traffic and one of the agents called Peggy about showing the home on Wednesday.  She was quick to remind the buyers agent that we had a full open house coming on Saturday so if they liked the house they should make an offer quickly and at full price.  The buyers came on Wednesday, were there for two hours, and two days later we had a full price offer!  Peggy was fantastic all the way through the sales process and basically “held our hands” to ensure we did everything the right way.  I would highly encourage you to call Peggy when you decide to sell your home.
Scott and Erin Strayhan