Uncategorized February 9, 2016

Tips on Bathroom Lighting—Look Your Best!

Tips on Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Properly illuminated bathroom lighting lets you put your best face forward!
Tip #1 – Mount vanity lights on either side of the mirror.  Lighting above your head casts shadows on your face and you gain 10 years.
Tip #2 – Distance matters.  The American Lighting Association's general rule is to mount vanity lights 65-70 inches from the floor, at about eye level.  Ideally, the fixtures should be placed about 28-30 inches apart.  This allows the light to fully illuminate your face without casting shadows.
Tip #3 – Consider shade choice.  Sconce shades are an important feature.  The transparency and color greatly affect how much light is emitted.  White fabric shades give off a diffused light that provides a bright and clean tone.  Often times, amber shades simply do not allow enough light to properly illuminate.
Other Tips