January Madness–Organization!

January – A Time for Organization

What is it about January that beckons the absolute need for organizing everything…from the Holiday decorations to the garage, make up drawer and the linen closet?

Thinking of selling your home this year, I have a piece of advise.
Potential buyers will open closets and storage spaces to see if they will enough space for THEIR belongings.  The linen closet is an easy place to start organizing.
Tips for a Tidy Linen Closet, Big or Small.
1.  Less is more.  Keep the good towels and sheets.  Donate mismatched items.
2.  Use labeled bins for storing small items such as extra pillow cases, sheet sets, wash cloths and hand towels
3.  Place sheet sets in a pillow case to save time and confusion.
4.  Trifold towels and stack vertically.  See picture above.
5.  Resurrect the label maker for bins and shelves.

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Portland Schools Report

Portland Monthly Magazine reports on 596 public and private schools around the Portland Metro Area.

2015 Report

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Front Porch Picks

Picks for Front Porches

Awhile back a realtor in my office was desperate to find a home for her client.  The only real requirement was that it had to have a great front porch.  Price and location were not that much of a concern—just the front porch!  
What is it about front porches that is so desirable?  Generations ago the front porch was the living room of the home.  It was a place to cool off, talk with neighbors and watch kids play in the front yard.  Then, families gravitated to the back yard.  Today front porches are making a comeback!  
As a transition space, your porch should feel like an extension of your home's interior.  A simple porch swing, or a couple of rocking or adirondack chairs would complete the look and get you to know your neighbors!

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Clean, Modern Architecture



What is Modern Architecture?

Sleek design, open floor plans and great natural lighting are all appealing characteristics of modern architecture.  Modern homes can vary greatly in style but often feature clean geometric lines, low pitched gable or shed roof, large windows and the incorporation of outdoor elements.  With open and connected modernist spaces, modernist homes typically have art and furniture that reflects the clean linear lines–and with less clutter!


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Remodeling That Pays Off—And Does Not Pay Off!

5 Remodels That Make Good Resale Value Sense….and 5 that do not!
Another great article from Houzz outlining five remodels that typically make good financial sense, providing a nice return on the investment at the time of resale.
1. Kitchens. Updating a tired old kitchen is one of the wisest methods, and a tried and true one, of increasing the value of your home.
2. Adding living space. A straightforward addition of a new living room space is typically a very good investment.
3. Curb appeal. You have heard not to judge a book by its cover, but smart money recognizes the cover’s value. Your front elevation is more than just a first impression. It’s the only impression available to just about all of your home’s potential buyers.
4. Master suites. Sorry, kids. Home buying decisions are in the hands of adults, and adults care about the environment where they sleep. Updating a master bedroom or remodeling and adding a new master suite is money well spent.
5. Bathrooms. Home buyers notice bathrooms, and although all the bathrooms are important, a priority should be placed on the powder room and master bath, followed by a guest bathroom and any other secondary baths.

And the five remodels that typically do not make a good resale value are:
1. Kids's spaces
2. Pools
3. Wine Rooms
4. Removing features (fireplace)
5. Very minor additions.

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Portland Public School Proposed Boundary Changes


Portland Public Schools is in the process of making some pretty big boundary changes.

Click below to see if you will be affected and where to voice your concerns.

Biggest changes I can see are Bridelmile and Laurelhurst.


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Where Does Your Surname Originate?

While not technically a real estate question, it is fascinating to see where your name was prominate in 1700 versus today.  This site also offers meaning to many surnames as well.


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Build Small—Live Large

Build Small-Live Large! Join architects, designers, developers, builders, remodelers, urban planners and homeowners in this one day housing summit featuring the latest housing trend! Learn about cottage clusters, elegant space efficient designs and the policies which build communities. ADU's and beyond!

Friday November 6th at PSU – 8 am – 7 pm!  


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Pearl District

The Pearl District is in NW Portland and could be considered the livliest area of Portland.  A pedestrian's dream, the residents can walk to work, eat at a variety of restaurants, go to Bar and Yoga classes, walk or bike along the river and jump on a streetar that loops through downtown Portland.

The Pearl District was formerly occupied by warehouses, light industry and railroad classification yards and is now noted for art galleries, restaurants, upscale businesses and retail with high rise residences and lofts.This urban oasis is not home to single family homes, rather a combination of high and low rise condominiums and townhomes.  

Neighborhood parks make living in the Pearl appealing to young and older residents.  The vibe in the Pearl is exciting and new.  Whether you live in the Pearl or just visiting, the proximity of many outdoor and civic venues is enticing.  


Pearl District

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Latest Testimonial

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Action Items


The best word to describe Peggy – Amazing!  My wife and I used Peggy to sell our home and we couldn’t have been happier.  We were in dire straights because we had made an offer on our dream home, which was initially accepted as a contingent offer, and then the sellers decided to reject the entire offer during negotiations because they were “afraid” we couldn’t sell our current home in a reasonable time.  At that time we had interviewed Peggy as a potential listing agent but had not pulled the trigger because we were possibly going to try and sell the home ourselves.  But when our offer was rejected because the sellers didn’t think we could sell our home fast enough, we hire Peggy!  She immediately came over and reminded us of our duties and steps required to sell quickly.  She hired a professional photographer and told us how to stage the home.  We reacted quickly and completed all the requirements Peggy laid out for us.  She brought over the flyers, which looked great, and scheduled a “brokers open” for Monday.  We had decent traffic and one of the agents called Peggy about showing the home on Wednesday.  She was quick to remind the buyers agent that we had a full open house coming on Saturday so if they liked the house they should make an offer quickly and at full price.  The buyers came on Wednesday, were there for two hours, and two days later we had a full price offer!  Peggy was fantastic all the way through the sales process and basically “held our hands” to ensure we did everything the right way.  I would highly encourage you to call Peggy when you decide to sell your home.
Scott and Erin Strayhan

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